Monologue Mongolia, Sep. 2017

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”Garbage Turned Yarn-Grassland sweaters, Urban sweaters" Departure ideas

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I am now in the steppes of Mongolia. I came here to collect "wata". "Wata" is fur shed by animals. People may call this waste. But I do not think that there is "waste" in nature. Likewise, I am going to look for "wata" not in the steppes but in spaces such as towns and cities where many people live.

Surely some people will call this waste. But what is the difference in meaning between the "wata" of these steppes and the "wata" of the city?


Maybe it will happen in the distant future, or perhaps in the society just around the corner, but I think it would be wonderful if an era came in which the word "waste" no longer exists. Because this would be proof that human beings are using their wisdom to create a recycling-oriented society.


This may still be a long way off, but I started this project to think about such things.

Recorded in the Mongolian steppes September 2017

Dai Fujiwara